The dream world

Maybe she was 5 or 6. Her height was not much though. She was walking that lonely road. She was happy today. She was humming some song and dancing.

She saw a man. He saw her. He smiled. Her mom always told her to smile at anybody who smiles at her. So she smiled back. He advanced towards her. She didn’t notice that. She was still in her own world. A world of happiness. A world of innocence. He was right next to her. She stopped

“Where are you going?” he asked. She didn’t reply. “Do you want some chocolates?” She promptly said “No thanks ” “Do you have some cake?” she asked.

He put his hands in her chest and moved it around the part. His smile was not good this time. It was inhuman. “I’ll give you anything you want just come with me”. She smiled and said “Today is my birthday. We have no money to buy a cake for me. Every year my brother gifts me an apparel which I wear for the whole year. After my father passed away, we barely even get to eat’s always been my dream that I have a cake on my birthday. And you fulfilled it. Thank you so much.” She gave the most adorable smile ever.

He stopped. He removed his impure hands from her internal body part. He held her hand. Took her towards his house. Gave all the cloth material he had. Gave her his food for the day. Gave her money. And gave her a big chocolate cake. She smiled and only took the cake. ” I have all of these. I don’t want them” She hugged him.

He had tears in his eyes. He had become human for the first time. He saw her walk back happily with that cake inge hand.

“Why did I do that? My intention was something else. Why did this happen?” he asked himself.

He gotup. He was sweating. It was a dream. He said to himself, ” This was the beautiful world of the girl which only exists in dreams. This can never happen in the real world…never…..


I’ll love till the end

He was starring at me. I was shy. I saw him whispering to his pals something. I looked at him,he smiled. Dear God!!!!  So handsome was he! I smiled back. My girlfriends were teasing me. I was red maybe pink. He came towards me. I sat straight, made my hair up, put my shirt to it’s proper position and glanced at him. He was not walking towards me. He was moving in some kind of a chair like thing. It was a wheelchair. He wasn’t normal. He was paralysed. I was left aghast. He slowly forwarded towards me. And there he was wearing a white polo shirt with black stripes. He didn’t have legs. ‘Hi’. I knew this was it. I have fallen in love with a paralysed boy who’s deep voice drives me crazy, who’s heroic smile makes me forget all the problems in the world. I was in love. I stood up actually fell down on my knees. ‘You’re beautiful’. I smiled. ‘Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?’  ‘Sure why not’ I said. And in that cup of coffee period, I realised a person needn’t always be beautiful from the outside as I thought it to be. He was perfect. Not because of his face or voice or smile, he was perfect because I loved him.

Today it’s our 15th marriage anniversary. A lot of people have come over. Many look shocked and suprised. But it really does not matter to him. He still continues to kiss me on my forehead and I continue to remind him that I love him for who he is…

I look out of the window sometimes and wonder how lucky am I to have a husband who loves me infinitely and will love me infinitely. I still remember that moment in the coffee shop when he said ‘So this is me, your descion to accept me or to leave me to marry some other paralysed girl who mourns and cries about her horrible life every day’ And I said ‘ You have left me no option except to love you till the last breath. I don’t care whether you are paralysed or suffer from any kind of disease the world looks down upon. I just know one thing, I love you and I can’t ever let you go’

I don’t know what’s going to happen later in our lives, but all I know is, I’ll love him till the end…..

I give up

Sitting under that exquisite monument. It was brightly illuminated. I had no idea what time it was . Maybe the night was going to end. I didn’t know what was I doing there. I was lost. Lost into the world where you don’t what’s going on in that enormous mind. Maybe I wanted to give up. Jump from that top floor of the monument. At least then will people will fail to remember this face, this  body, this everything! I had tears but I don’t think I was crying… I felt a fire burning inside me, but I don’t think I was furious and vexed… I couldn’t feel or see anything around me except that tall Eiffel Tower in front of me. Why did this happen to me. Was it really my fault? My self respect meant the most to me.. How could they just touch me wherever they wanted to. My family hates me now.. People make faces wherever I go..they whisper something about me. That night they just dragged me into that landrover and did disturbing things which I could never imagine of. What did they get? A relief from the monster inside them. What did I get? Hatred, abhorrence and all the other horrible adjectives ever existed. There is no use to live any longer… At least it’s better to die than live and die every day.

.. I give up… I give up….

From a mother, to a son

Dear son,

I hope you’ve had your lunch…ohh I am sorry, I don’t know why do I make this mistake time and again. I forgot it’s dinner time there. I know you always yell at me for me forgetting things so easily..

How is your family? Your wife? Your children? I am sure my lovely grandchildren must be jumping here and there and breaking all that stuff present in your house..afterall you used to do the same.

A few weeks ago, I called your family up. My granddaughter Sarah attended it. I had never heard or seen her before. Her voice was as sweet as nectar. I had tears in my eyes when I got the privilege to converse with her. Maybe she got a bit frightened by my voice and handed over the phone to her mother. I spoke to your wife. She said, “I am busy right now” and hung up. I guess she did not keep the phone in it’s appropriate place. I heard her tell Sarah to not attend any stranger’s call from the next time.

I think you should tell her to keep the phone back to it’s place back properly..remember that time when I had come to visit you and I forgot to keep the phone back to it’s place and you gave me that long lecture on saving electricity.. Thank you son,it really helped me. My electricity bill did not inflate up and we could save on money for a night’s dinner..

Recently your best friend came over, he desperately wanted to see you. I told him that you had migrated to another country long ago. He told me to convey to you that he really misses you and wants to catch up sooner or later.

I am so sorry for stretching this letter so long. I know you always get irritated when I do so. Your father is on his deathbed. He was suffering from cancer. I tried to tell you this, but every time I called you up, you always said you were busy. So I felt that you attending that meeting was much more important than this.

We didn’t have any money for the treatment. Don’t worry son, I didn’t borrow any money from your wife or anyone, we know you would get embarrassed and insulted.

Dear son, if you have the time,please do come and visit your dad,it’s his last wish. And no worries even if you don’t I’ll make some excuse and crush his last wish. Just do what you love…

Yours lovingly,

your mom….

The lost girl

I was feeling lost,I didn’t know what to do.I just kept gazing at everyone around me. The place was brightly illuminated like,full of festivity,but it felt numb,numb from the inside as well as the outside. There were thousands surrounding me,but it felt like a shadow of loneliness and fear covering me like a bedspread… Where was my father? He had promised he would return soon. I stood there by the balloon seller awaiting him. My father came,at last.. My eyes were moist,my nose was read,I was all dirty after shedding a pool of tears. I couldn’t visualise my father clearly. All I saw was that he was running towards me… I had the broadest smile ever put on. He picked me up and immediately covered my mouth. I felt suffocated. He clinged on to me. That was not the way papa reacted to a relief after a frantic situation. I couldn’t see his face. I couldn’t get that red bottle perfume smell my papa always put on. I started kicking my hands and feet back and forth. I was trying to get rid of the person. Before I realised anything, he threw me into a  van, a van full of darkness. My papa would never do that… Who was he……

The God’s child

Peering into that covert darkness,I stood there,stood there like a puppet,pondering,fearing,doubting what was beyond that darkness. I realised that darkness was actually negativity,negativity of the world that lied beyond. It was the negativity of the mortals that existed in the heavenly body rather. I understood I had to cross it to enter the world. How would I? Until now, I was merrily clinging on to the umbilical cords inside my unknown mother’s stomach. Suppose I got stuck in that darkness and never come out of it? The time arrived, I had to let off my comfort zone. I couldn’t quite comprehend the feelings that were rushing inside me. I let go. I was shrieking inside, I was sure I wouldn’t make it to the world. But I saw a hand,looked quite pious,I looked up,it seemed like some heavenly light. I couldn’t grasp who or what was this? I just blindly held the hand. It took me past the gloomy sights and before I could understand what was going on,I reached the world.I smiled,relieved that I reached the world without any difficulties.I didn’t know who or what was this thing that was the reason for my access to the heavenly body. Years later,when I grew up,I realised that the hand that held me was no else,but GOD…